Update on the clock repairs

Work has begun with the clock face and hands being removed (Photographs 1 & 2).  The central spigot in the clock face will be removed, rebored then bushed to give a snug fit for the clock hand drive shafts.  At the same time the hands will also be rebored and bushed.  The lead weight counterbalance on the minute hand will undergo repair.  The transverse drive mechanism shafts have also been taken away for repair.

Photograph 1

Photograph 2


The rotten clock face retention boards will be replaced.

Photograph 3

The stonemason has measured the ‘eyebrow’ and work proceeds on replacing the worn stonework (Photograph 3).

A wooden support will be made and fitted to the rectangular hole where the drive shafts come through the church wall to give added support to the drive shafts and clock hands.  (Photograph 3).

Inside the bell-ringing chamber two new wooden blocks will be made and securely fitted to support the transverse drive bevel gear mechanism (Photograph 4).

Photograph 4

All this work is currently taking place and we will keep you apprised as to the progress.

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