St. Margaret’s Church clock

As you will all be aware the clock and chiming mechanism is currently not working and that it is currently undergoing repair and maintenance.

What you may not be acquainted with is that our clock is extremely rare, made by hand in 1787 by Edmund Howard.  We are informed by a member of the Antique Horological Society that it is unique and the only known extant model known to date.

As you can surmise, you just cannot take this type of clock to your local repair shop, it needs much specialised expertise to be able to first analyse the problem and then to manufacture the replacement parts utilizing the worn parts as a template, there being no drawings from which these parts could be manufactured.

Finding such people has not been easy; however we have succeeded in finding a horologist who is prepared to undertake the commission.

At the same time, the Hemingby Village Church Committee took the decision to refurbish the clock face and to repair the ‘weather eyebrow’ above the clock at the same time.  This obviously has necessitated the use of scaffolding to enable the work to be carried out.

Organising all this to happen sequentially has not been easy, however, we are pleased to inform you that work will commence with the scaffolding being erected on Tuesday 18th July 2017.  This will be followed by the faulty parts of the clock mechanism and hands being removed later in the month, with the clock face being detached at the same time.

All of this specialist work cannot be hurried nevertheless; we are optimistic that everything will be repaired, refurbished, maintained and back in working condition by the end of August.

We take the opportunity to thank you for your forbearance in this matter and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this restoration has caused you.

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